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Review MIBA Membership Qualifications and Benefits 

MIBA General Membership 

COST ($100/year)

  • Free or discounted participation in MIBA events (example: Catwalk, Light Up Night)

  • Allows you to attend any general membership meeting

  • You may vote in Officer or Board of Director elections and on any other Alliance matter that is

  • presented for membership vote

  • May hold any committee or elected Alliance Officer or Board of Directors position

  • You may serve on any committee

  • Access to public calendar of events

  • Printed signage and flyers for Meadville Independent Business Alliance events

  • Included in online/social media ads

  • May participate in the Downtown Dollars program

Group of attendees walking outside the market house in downtown meadville

MIBA Non-Voting Membership

COST ($20/year)

  • Allows you to attend any general membership meetings

  • May participate in the Downtown Dollars program

  • No voting rights are observed for Officer, Board of Directors, or any other Alliance matters

  • May serve on any committee. May not hold any elected or appointed Alliance position

  • Can be anyone in or outside of 16335

Holding up Thumbs up Trophy & with a hanging medal on the thumb


with the Meadville Independent Business Alliance

When you download the PDF version please mail in your form along with the Certificate of Business Insurance and Check to Address : 180 Mercer St, Meadville, PA 16335 if you have any questions about your mail in membership form please email us at

Business Information

(void if you are individual / community member)

Contact / Owner Name

Add your text

Membership Selection

Single choice
General Member
Non-Voting Community Member

Checks can be made out to: Meadville Independent Business Alliance

Mail to: 180 Mercer St, Meadville, PA 16335

Please provide an up-to-date Certificate of Business Insurance. Your application will not be complete without this. Please

reach out to a board member with any questions around this.

Short Google Map of locations across Downtown Meadville


As a MIBA member your listing gets a special designation that makes you stand out on our interactive Downtown Meadville map.

First Friday Poster with castle for April 4th


Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and news about First Friday events and what's happing downtown.

Market Stand with table of fruits & vegetables


Once you're a MIBA member you can join our Facebook group where can get member updates, coordinate for events, and share success! 

Expectations for General Members:

  • Attend at least 8 of the 12 monthly meetings (this will run on the calendar year, with a membership decision being due by the end of the first quarter. New businesses that open during the year will be prorated)

  • Payment for the membership will be due in full by the end of the first quarter

  • Memberships are for ONE business. If multiple businesses are in the same building or owned by the same person, one business can purchase a full membership and one can do a non-voting membership or BOTH can do a full membership and have two votes. Businesses can designate a representative other than the owner for attendance and voting purposes as long as membership dues are paid and the representative is listed in the membership application

  • Volunteer for at least one MIBA event each year. (By sitting on the event committee or volunteering to help with the event set-up/clean up)

  • Submit all requested info for participation in the events. Your timely responses help with advertising and planning

  • Provide a certificate of insurance for the business or organization being represented

  • Must be a resident or small business owner in zip code 16335

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